Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whole Foods' Pizza

   Do you have a kid who feels pizza is the most delicious food in the entire world, who can eat pizza from breakfast till dinner and you can serve him pizza when nothing works out for him ? Then this post might be little helpful for you.
  I do like pizza, easy food and dial the number (or order online)..its ready in 20 minutes at your door. However, my recent pizza encounters are not so good. Sometimes the dough or the sauce turns out to be not so tasty, even my best pizza lover rejects. I wanted to make pizza from the scratch (it was a long weekend kidding). But my culinary skills was not that great and dough turned out to be very hard. I still have that yeast bottle at refrigerator.
  Recently I was talking to my friend who is an expert cook. She suggested me whole food pizza dough. I was too naive in this business. However this pizza turns out to be good.And most importantly you have a chance to control over the quality of sauce, cheese and the toppings. Its also another good activity to involve the little one to participate. We may call it as the pizza project. Usually in our house hold we do it on Saturday evening (especially on a rainy/snowy one).

Ingredient : 1.One pack of pizza dough (you can choose whole wheat one, multi-grain one or plain white
2. One tablespoon of  oil
3. A very small amount of all purpose flour 
4. Pizza sauce (sometimes I do use canned tomato paste also)
5. Grated Mozzarella cheese for pizza ( I sometimes use Kraft cheese, sometimes I do buy from Whole Food's cheese for Pizza
6. Toppings are of your choice- like broccoli, pepperoni, mushroom..lots of room for creativity

Directions : Preheat the oven to 450 degree Fahrenheit
 Now let the pizza dough to come to room temperature..what usually I do if I plan to make pizza in afternoon. I put the dough outside after lunch.
When the dough comes to room temperature, take a ball of dough .
On the rolling board, with the help of rolling pin and little bit of oil and all purpose flour, make the flat pizza. I usually make 1" thick one, easy to make.
Now at this point I slowly transfer the pizza on the pizza pan.
Then I put the pizza sauce on top of it.
Next cheese and last step is adding all the toppings.
After all the decorations, put the pizza in oven and bake it until the sides of pizza turns brownish.

Ready to serve and eat.