Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Snack Craving and Mason Jar

     My afternoon snack craving is very genuine but often not very healthy. Especially I am sugar-lover….like I recently bought heavily frosted red-velvet cupcake in a jar during one such a craving time. I am in search of new snacks ideas. This one is very popular and can be eaten at any time of day. Make this one before going to bed at night and eat it in breakfast/ while commuting/in office. This is all purpose and healthy food. So here comes my “Yogurt-granola in Mason jar”.

Ingredients:  ½ cup of Greek yogurt (77 calories)
  ½ cake of granola (I chose Bear naked

  100%natural Banana-nut -so no need to add nuts   separately) (226 calories)

  ½ cup fruits-blue berries,strawberries, grapes, raspberries (any small size fruits available in your refrigerator) (approx. 54 calories)
  1 tbsp. honey (64 calories)


I tried to do layer-by layer way.

1) First layer has half of the yogurt-on top of that I drizzled half of the honey.
2) Second layer is having ½ of the fruits. 
3) In third layer, add rest of the yogurt and on top of that rest of fruit and honey.
4) In forth layer, add the granola.Put the strawberries at the top. 
Close the lid and put in refrigerator or take to office.

Total calories- approximately 421.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Argo-Tea Inspired Chickpeas Salad

   Do you feel a punch of hunger in your tummy around 3-4 pm afternoon in office hours..and this one is the type of hunger you cannot soothe out by drinking coffee ? Juice may help..but little bit of solid food aka snacks work wonderful. On the quest of good snack I hunted a lot of places near my office area. Likewise I landed up in Argo Tea Shop in one sunny day. Argo in its website say they are passionate about tea, however I love their selected snacks items a lot and especially their Tea-infused chickpeas salad is just awesome. But it costs like $ 5:00, little bit higher than my budget of spending for snacks and hence I looked for recipes and wanted to make the same. Though the following recipe of chickpeas salad is inspired by Argo’s but it is not the exact recipe. I googled it little bit, I came up with this one..its tastes good and yummy and saves my money. Here it goes.

Recipe :
1.       One can of chickpeas, drained and washed
2.       Two stock of Celery..chopped
3.       One salad tomato..chopped
4.       One handful of dried cranberries and raisins
5.       Chopped Onion (optional )
6.       Chopped cucumber -1/2 cup…(this one for eating at home), for taking out I do not add cucumber as it releases lots of water
7.       Salt and salad seasoning mix
8.       Half spoon of olive oil

      Mix all the ingredients on the bowl and put it in refrigerator. Next day take to office.