Thursday, June 12, 2014

Furniture and Furniture ....Floor planner and Me

    So relocation is over and I am in the middle of arranging my apartment ...its actually complete one floor with three bed room and one hall . Before buying the furniture I wanted to have a floor plan for deciding which furniture to put where. I used this website "floorplanner" to design my floor planning and choose the furniture. Floorplanner allows user to have one complete floor planning with no cost of charge. So it was very helpful from my side.We have loads of wardrobe in the different rooms so I did not buy any additional wardrobes.
So, here is my floor plan.

What my experience says that we accumulate furniture with time so I am pretty sure over the year these rooms will be filled up with loads of other furniture.
   So I started looking for furniture and after some search ordered them. I am posting here the picture of my drawing room. I am sure this glass coffee table of mine will be filled up with bowl of chips, crayons and coloring pages pretty soon. And guess what I am ok with it. Still I am missing my Boston's drawing room sometimes.

  I chose all the furniture in the same shade of color..maroon is my new love.
     Hope to blog more but it looks like life is getting busier than ever.