Monday, January 27, 2014

Clementine Box Project

Whenever we get clementine, along with the bunch (or branch) of orange fruits... there is also a box. Usually I recycle the box. However, this time I thought we better use it for something useful and good (in this process I can vent out the energy of an enthusiastic hyperactive 5 year old). This is good project in a snow/rainy day.

  Hence comes the Clementine Plant Pot holder :

 What we need : an used clementine box, Americana Multi-surface satin paint (you can choose any brand of your choice , just make sure this should be non-toxic), brush, plastic cup, old news paper and brush

How to do it :
  1. We spread out an old news paper on our work table and put on our work cloth ( we have some worn out T-shirt for this purpose).

   2.Next we took an empty clementine Box and cleaned out all the papers/wrappers around it. We used our dry paint brush to clean up the sides little bit.

   3. A plastic cup was just we needed to pour some of our paint and next we knew we were painting.

   4. Once it was fully painted we kept it dry for 30 minutes.

   5. Now our clementine plant pot holder was ready.

     Hope you enjoy this pot holder as much as I do. Do not forget to let me know how it works for you.

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