Sunday, May 11, 2014

Relocation ...How to choose a new home ?

  Three of us moved our little boxes in to a different part of the world now. We decided to live in India after a long stay in USA. The decision was completely experimental with greater intention of going back to roots. We are now living in a small town named Mandi located at the bottom of Himalaya. There was not many unexpected shocks for me as I was born and brought up in India, but for my son it was a huge change. Anyways he has his grandmother now, so he is very happy on his change...but back of the mind he still misses his friends and especially school.

   Always relocating in a new place is a difficult task..especially if you were moving from one continent to other. There was no way for us to find an apartment/house beforehand. Fortunately we have this guest house booked for us for three months. And we are liking it.:) But we have continued our search for apartment from the very beginning. We got plenty of houses to look for and we did not like. I know we are a bit choosy but I am ok with it. The main reason is my previous experience. So what I am looking for in my new house.
1) The house should be well connected to the rest of the city. For next few moths we are not planning to have car (slowly getting accustomed with Indian style driving and driving through hills).  So having a beautiful house in scenic place (with out good communication) is not what I am really looking for.
2) I want to live in specious house with at least three bedrooms and one hall.
3) The safety of the house is also important. How is the neighborhood ?
4) ) I also check for the water problem in the particular locality. Yes, there are some places in India, we do get water shortage in summer..but that could be tackled by additional storage.
  So far I have these points to consider, not much through..but still searching...


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